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Hard Cover (DVD w/ Digital Film Collection)

Hard Cover (DVD w/ Digital Film Collection)

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Get a hard DVD copy of the entire Adventure Wild Films collection, along with the entire digital collection.

High Country of the North 

It was the fall of 1970 that we, Don Prince and Eugene Vugteveen decided to make a film of "one year" spent in one of the most remote areas left on the North American continent, the Stone Mountain Range in British Columbia. Northern British Columbia is one of the last frontiers left on the earth, with its majestic mountains straining toward the heavens and its deep deathlike valleys below, with its many glacier fed rivers cutting their paths through the granite mountains on their journey to the ancient seas of the Western Hemisphere. It is here in a portion of this land that we want to take you. Our film begins with the winter carnival held every year in memory of the early gold rush days. Thrill to the excitement of dog sled races, flour packing contests and woman's snowshoe racing. Join us at Toad river for the annual spring rodeo. Ranch hands and guides gather from all over British Columbia just to see who is the best all-around cowboy in the high country. Travel with us from start to finish of the big game hunting season in late summer as we pursue the Woodland Caribou, Canadian Moose, Wolf, Rocky Mountain Goat, Stone Sheep, and the Mighty Grizzly Bear. Fish the beautiful lakes and streams of the high country that abound with scrappy lake trout that excel in the icy waters of the far north. Lean back and let your mind wander with us as we take you into the beautiful Stone Mountain Range where this film was made. 90 minutes 

Riches of the Ruby Range 

The year was 1969, when Don Prince and Eugene Vugteveen, two young men from western Michigan had the desire to go to the land of the midnight sun. Their destination was a mountain range in the Yukon Territory called the Ruby Range. Their travels took them to the largest city in the Yukon, Whitehorse. It wad there that they met for the first time, Vern Haggard, their outfitter who would take them on an adventure of a lifetime. They flew by floatplane to Kuane Lake and there they spent 21 days traveling by pack string and horseback. We invite you to sit back and enjoy this film as it takes you on a journey through valleys and snow capped mountains where only the Indians and early gold miners have traveled. This is truly a time in history that will take you back to a by gone era of hunting. I hope you enjoy as Don and Eugene hunt for some of the Riches of the Ruby Range. 30 minutes 

Wings to Adventure 

The year was 1973 when Don Prince took his family to northern Saskatchewan to fish the pristine wilderness lakes and rivers for monster northern pike. Join them as they fish from freighter canoes and cook shore lunch with there native Indian guides. Its here where families bond and life moves at a slower pace. Be our guest and come along with us on a truly exciting northern Canadian fishing trip. 45 minutes 

Ontario's Finest 

It was the spring of 1975 that Don Prince took his family up to northern Ontario for a family fishing trip. Join them as they fish the pristine northern waters for the elusive walleye and northern pike. 15 minutes 

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